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Before and Afters


Patient 1: This 60 year old female had bags under the eyes and loose skin. She underwent upper and lower blepharoplasty and deep laser resurfacing for an improved, more youthful look

Patient 2: This 61 year old female underwent fat grafting to the face, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and laser resurfacing of the skin for eyelid rejuvenation.


Patient 3: 30 year old, petite woman who complained of small breasts treated with primary submuscular breast augmentation using a dual plane approach. She had Allergan Style 15 339cc silicone gel implants placed.


Patient 4: This petite 24 year old woman had large 30G/H breasts with complaints of rashes, neck, back, and shoulder pain and desired smaller, more proportionate breasts. She underwent a bilateral breast reduction with significant improvement in symptoms.


Patient 5: This 24 year old woman had deflated, ptotic breasts and wanted more volume and lifting. She underwent sub-muscular breast augmentation with Allergan Inspira SRM silicone gel implants (445cc to left, 485cc to right to improve size symmetry).


Patient 6: This 34 year old petite woman desired a natural lifted result and did not want to use implants because she was happy with her volume. She underwent a Benelli mastopexy and fat grafting to the breast for a lift, improved shape, and very modest augmentation


Patient 7: This 34 year old petite woman lost weight but had some stubborn areas of remaining fat she wanted removed without any skin removal. She underwent S.A.F.E. liposuction of the circumferential trunk and thighs.


Patient 8: This 47 year old man enjoyed exercise and being fit but had some problem areas and desired more muscle definition. He underwent liposculpture using S.A.F.E. liposuction.


Patient 9: Foot fat grafting before and after in 60 year old female with foot pain, an aging appearance to the feet, and atrophy of foot fat. This on table image, shows the patient during surgery with the left foot completed and the right foot still untreated.


Patient 10: Mohs before and after; defect after removal of a BCC via Mohs surgery then reconstruction with a cheek advancement flap.

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