• Title: 6 Tips for Managing Psoriasis

  • Target the Bacteria in Your Acne Directly with Laser Treatment

  • Banish Under Eye Wrinkles With Laser Resurfacing

  • Ditch the Double Chin With Surgery-Free truSculpt® 3D

  • Laser Tattoo Removal: All Your Questions Answered

  • Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer

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Title: 6 Tips for Managing Psoriasis

Have you been diagnosed with psoriasis? The good news is that advanced treatments today work effectively to clear up those patches of dry, cracked, and itchy skin.

Aug 14th, 2018
Banish Under Eye Wrinkles With Laser Resurfacing

If acne, aging, or excess sunlight exposure has left you with wrinkles, scars, or blotches on your skin, laser resurfacing at Dermatology of Boca might restore healthier and younger-looking skin, while decreasing age spots and wrinkles.

Sep 26th, 2018
Laser Tattoo Removal: All Your Questions Answered

If you count yourself among the 23% of Americans who regret getting a tattoo, laser removal treatments can turn your body art into a distant memory. And the best part? The process is more effective and easier than you think.

Jun 27th, 2018
Protect Yourself Against Skin Cancer

May marks the beginning of warm weather, when you start thinking about long days in the sun and backyard BBQs. May is also National Skin Cancer Awareness Month because it’s important to remember to protect your skin as you spend more time outdoors.

May 22nd, 2018
Biggest Myths about Acne and Food

Have you given up chocolate and fried foods because of your acne? Has it helped? Find out which foods do and don’t affect your acne outbreaks and learn how to separate the facts from the myths when it comes to acne and food.

Apr 24th, 2018
Psoriasis and the Sun: What You Need to Know

You may have psoriasis due to genetics. Stress, certain infections, medications, and skin injuries -- including scrapes and bug bites -- can turn the psoriasis gene on. A severe sunburn can also trigger the disease to become active.

Mar 22nd, 2018
What's the Difference Between Teenage and Adult Acne?

Acne is more than just a teen problem and can affect your life just as much when you’re an adult. While the differences between adult and teenage acne are minimal, there are a few things you can do as an adult to prevent future outbreaks.

Feb 13th, 2018
6 Easy Tips for Winter Skin Care...Even in Florida

Since your skin stands between you and the outside world, adjusting your skincare routine to accommodate seasonal conditions goes a long way toward maintaining youthful, vibrant skin that glows from the inside out all year round.

Dec 1st, 2017
What You Should Know About Tattoo Removal

Many people have tattoos these days. As of 10 years ago, about a quarter of the adult population under 50 had a tattoo. It has undoubtedly gone up since then. However, about 17% of those with tattoos have reported wanting to get at least one removed.

Aug 1st, 2017

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