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Ditch the Double Chin With Surgery-Free truSculpt® 3D

While more can be better, sometimes one is quite enough, especially when it comes to your chin. A double chin may work for some, giving them a dignified air, but these instances are rare. For the rest of us, a double chin robs us of our youthful and well-defined angles, blurring the lines between our heads and our necks.

Here at Dermatology of Boca, we have the perfect solution for (until now) almost impossible-to-treat double chins: truSculpt® 3D. This noninvasive procedure is helping our patients in Boca Raton, Florida clearly separate their heads and necks, giving them more pleasing profiles.

If you’d like to ditch your double chin, read on to learn more about our surgery-free truSculpt 3D system.

Doubling up

There are many factors that contribute to a double chin, not the least of which is age. As you grow older, the collagen production in your skin naturally begins to decline. Since collagen is responsible for the tone and elasticity in your skin, the effects are myriad. From increasing wrinkles to sagging cheeks, your skin begins to succumb to gravity without the network of strong connective fibers below the surface.

This effect can be terribly dramatic in your neck and under your chin. Since it’s the lowest spot under your face, skin can start to bag up in the area. Compounding the problem is the fact that your skin also holds a thin layer of fat in place, which gives your face and neck its youthful plumpness. Without support from your skin, your fat migrates downward and collects under your chin.

Outside of age, genetics may have been unkind in the double chin category, as some people are more prone to developing the problem than others. Also, if you’re carrying extra pounds, some of that weight may be carried under your chin.

Chin up

Until now, tackling a double chin has been an exercise in futility. Trying to target this area is near impossible through weight loss efforts, though general weight loss does have an overall effect on your body and may diminish your double chin. Still, the factors that lead to a double chin — gravity and the loss of supporting fibers — are tough enemies to combat.

Thanks to new laser technology, however, we’ve found a formidable tool in this battle. With truSculpt, we can melt away the fat in your submental space, leaving you with a more pronounced neck and jawline.

With our system, we deliver radiofrequency energy through your skin, without harming the surface area, to reach the fat cells below. Your fat cells absorb the energy in the form of heat, which destroys them. Once destroyed, your body takes over and flushes your old fat cells out through your lymphatic system.

The procedure takes mere minutes, and you’ll realize your full results 6-12 weeks after your last treatment. The reason for the delay is that your body needs time to do its part and clear away the destroyed fat.

Many of our patients undergo 1-3 treatments in order to tackle their double chins, and the only way to know how many you might need is to schedule a consultation with us so we can take a look.

Once we have an idea of the problem and your goals, we come up with an appropriate treatment plan. Because the procedure is noninvasive, there’s no downtime, so you don’t have to be concerned about any “recovery.” You simply come in, get treated, and then get on with your day as if nothing has happened.

To learn more about our truSculpt 3D procedure for eliminating your double chin, please give us a call or use the online scheduling tool on this website to request an appointment.

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